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The 7 Stages of Alzheimers

Along with other declining mental states, Alzheimers is a diesease with many stages in cognitive function. Recognizing these stages might help you or a loved one with diagnosing Alzheimer's and formulating treatment plans.
Stage one is the baseline that indicates no mental decline is present. The symptoms of stage 1 Alzheimer's are undetectable and is referred to as no cognitive decline.
The second stage of Alzheimer's is where there is very mild cognitive delcine. This can be mistaken for typical aging forgetfulness like forgeting your keys or misplacing objects. More often than not this stage goes unnoticed.
People in the third stage of Alzheimer's exhibit mild decline appearing as increased forgetfulness and a difficulty concentrating. This stage's duration is often seven years prior to having Dementia.
Starting at stage four is when the person is considered to have early-stage Dementia. Patients in stage four Alzheimer's will often exhibit misplaced ojects and have a hard time keeping on aschedule due to concentration loss and forgetfulness.
Stage five is when moderate to severe cognition decline is apparent in the patient. It is this stage when the person will start needing help caring for themselves. This includes bathing, getting dressed, and getting meals ready.
Severe mental decline is apparent in stage six of Alzheimer's. The patient will need help with most daily activities and will start to forget important things like names and faces. This stage usually last two and a half years before progressing to late-stage Dementia.
The final stage of Alzheimers is the toughest on everyone involved. The ability to communicate will be all but gone and the patient will need help doing everything from eating to bathing.
Alzhiemer's a progressive diesease that can confuse the families and frustrate the patient. Hopefully knowing these stages can help by knowing what to expect and how to handle the care plan.

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Maria on Saturday, December 22, 2018 11:44 PM
This very helpful for us to be aware of the symptoms.
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Danald Wilkins on Monday, December 23, 2019 3:58 AM
Thanks for sharing such a great article. Google
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