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What Signs to Look for Before Considering a Memory Care Facility

     Dementia is a serious set of memory related issues that include ailments such as Alzheimer's and Lewy-Body. If your loved one is suffering it's important to know that Dementia is a progressive condition which means it gets worse and worse as time goes by. Memory care facilities have people trained to take care of Dementia patients and will elevate the quality-of-life for anyone with debilitating Dementia. It's important to get help if you are having trouble taking care of someone but the following are some signs to look for before looking into memory care facilities.
     General Health Care Needs - One sign to watch for is if the person is needing help from others on a frequent basis for general health care needs. These could be activities like taking the proper medication on time, keeping up with personal hygiene, or having healthy eating habits. If these general heath care needs fall behind, it can cause stress on the system and a decrease in quality-of-life.
     Aggressive Behavior - Any person under enough stress can start to show aggressive behavior. Stress can cause anxiety and and dread that can make someone feel powerless, lashing out at others. People with memory issues have a tougher time with this because they can't rely on their own memories to calm and center their thoughts in times of great stress. Letting this behavior go unresolved will have adverse effects on all other aspects of their life.
     Wandering - Wandering can be a very dangerous symptom that happens to many patients with Alzheimer's. If the person living with memory issues can't be watched at all times, this can be the most important reason to look into memory care facilities. While in this state of wandering, patients don't seem to be aware of their surroundings and that could cause harm to themselves or others.
     Falling Down Frequently - Dementia interferes with balance and mobility, especially in later stages. If left unattended, these falls can be much more harmful or even fatal if the loved one can't be helped in a timely manner. 
     Sundowning Syndrome - Dementia can unfortunately effect areas of the brain such as internal sleep clocks. If the patient is awake when no one else is, this can cause accidents and other areas of self-care to fall behind. 
     If any of these areas become more than the patient or loved ones can handle, seek information on memory care facilities. Improving the quality-of-life of the patient is the best and most humane of prolonging and fulfilling their lives. Memory care facilities are designed to do just that, not just to remove stress and increase the personal safety of the patient, but to alleviate stress from the loved ones who may be stretched too thin.

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