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Diabetic Foot Care
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What if Alzheimer's Could be Detected Years Before Symptoms?
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Why Early Diagnosis of Dementia is Important


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Diabetic Foot Care

    If you have Diabetes, you may not know, your feet are in more danger than usual. This calls for extra attention and care being given to your feet during your daily hygiene regimen. Diabetes decreases blood flow which is most apparent in extremities like hands and feet. Smoking will also decrease blood flow further. There is also nerve damage in patients with diabetes that can cause the feet to lose feeling which brings complications in daily life. Below are some tips about foot care that will help combat the effects of diabetes.

What if Alzheimer's Could be Detected Years Before Symptoms?

     In America alone an estimated 5.7 million people are living with Alzheimer's and many go undiagnosed and untreated until later stages appear. Early detection is possibly the best weapon in the fight against any disease or disorder. Often times, however, the tests get taken and/or are only accurate when symptoms are already an issue.
     In the future this may be solved with a series of blood tests, taken over time, which looks for an abnormal increase of a certain protein that exists in the bloodstream.

Why Early Diagnosis of Dementia is Important

Why Early Diagnosis of Dementia is Important
By Adam Shepherd

Memory issues like Alzheimers and Dementia can be disorienting for the person affected and confusing for family and friends. Dementia is also a progressive ailment which means it starts out gradual and gets worse over time. While the effects are more subtle, early detection is crucial to prevent confusion and and worsenning symptoms later in the illness.

Firstly, and most importantly, early detection and diagnosis of Dementia means the patient and family have more opportunity to understand what is happening.

Can Cranberries Prevent UTI's

     Urinary Tract Infections are prevalent in elderly women and anyone using a catheter. There are several bacteria responsible for infecting urinary tracts. One is Escherichia coli, or more widely known as E. coli, and another is a bacteria called Proteus mirabilis. These are the most common but if something can thrive in the environment, and exposure is complete, many more bacteria can infect.
     An old wives tale says that cranberries help prevent UTIs and there may be some science to back this up.